The Next Stop

It is going to be the last day as EVS and I don´t like saying the last goodbye…
From the start, I took it as a something new, as a good opportunity. And it was. Well, even if the first 2 months I was thinking that I will be not able to stay living in small town. But try it and you will see how hard will be leaving this place with everything here now…

9 months as EVS was full of everything, unnexpected things, it was ups and also sometimes downs, but this mix was growing again, so the best. Of course, some things I could make it better, but I did my best in that time and at the end – it was good. So, I don´t regret that I took this opportunity, I am much more afraid that I will miss something from here – people and place…

I am glad for the projects which I choosed, and for support from special team J of our Youth Centre in Zagorje, also to Student club Šklab and Creative workshop Zasavje.
My projects are more-less permanent on some places in Zagorje, so I hope that you people will enjoy them – I was making them with you and they are made for you. (This was one of my hidden aims.)
I was the most of the time volunteering in our Youth Centre, in daily centres, had English Corner with elderly people, assisting in School of Ivana Skvarče the most of the time with Špela and her very nice clasroom.

The most of my personal projects were connected with Art, (I could draw day-night again), so it was so great.
Once, by a chance, when I heard children, who were walking around pillar with my drawings in our Youth Centre, they were saying how they like it, this was one of the best feed-back for me. Ok, they said, as well, that it could be colourful, not only back-grey-white. But it has reason. If colourful or something else – there are still few places asking for to be created. Actually, we were talking about them with very artistic previous EVS Marta and with father of my sloveninan teacher Pika and I have more ideas what could be done here – but this is already topic maybe for:  You.

I am glad for the people who I met here, connected or not connected with EVS. The best, when it was unofficial time and we started to talk… Even if some jokes were sometimes too wild.
This is one of the most important area for me, and right here I am loosing words, because it is too big! But: hvala vam, people!
But I will try: It was the most of the time with MC ZOS team ;) lot of EVS events in Zagorje, my BIG greeting to EVS Trbovlje, Kamnik, Škofja Loka and Medvode. And more.:)
It was also a New Year´s party in Ljubljana at house of Zala and her friends. Just someone like real friends will answer to you at 22.30 on Sunday, if they have free place for sleep, when my bus from Slovakia came unplanned too late and I missed the last train to Zagorje…
As EVS, I also met other ´´unofficial menthors´´ Anja, Maja, Janja and more.

Janja and Matjaž, they took us with Tessa into the middle of happening of Easter traditions here. It was very very nice. In that time, with family of Mateja, I saw a beautiful Bohinj and I didn´t know that one day I will try potica + meat with them (slovenian cake, this one was in sweet version) – it was interesting, but I thing I will not repeat this combination…
It was great time to be with scouts – Taborniki – Johnny and his friends took me on their events – and Skavti – David and Nataša, your group looks like so good.
And it was a treasure to talk about Art and Zasavje with Andrej.
And it is much, much more, just it is harder to write. Or talk…

But connected with EVS – I didn´t think that I will learn so much and that how good it will be on Creative workshop with older ladies of VGC Zasavje and Medgeneracijsko središče Zagorje. Cvetka taught me knitting again, she also teached us, with EVS Oyku, how to knit. It was lively weekly meetings everytime, with Oyku we were fascinated by their life and lifestyles especially travels of Ivanka. To compare with her, I don’t know now if I am living boring life… With Oyku, we were so pleased how we were very nice welcomed, as new members of them. With ladies, we made common project which is now installed outside of our Youth Centre. My lady-collegues looked enjoyed – so, as well for me.

So, even if there is more steps in front of me to choose which direction to go, but from my site, I am not saying Adijo, but Nasvidenje! To all, especially to people thanks to whom it could be like a home here!

Daniela Brunclíková