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Step to Human

10 different countries, 10 different languages, 10 different cultures, hundreds of different personal value and 10 uniq perspective. We spend two days together without watching any youtube video or use any social media. What bring us together? Most common topic for every people without exception, human rights.

11-12th of May 2019, we, Öykü Kocaman, Daniela Brunclíková and Tessa Kuorelahti, hosted 7 EVS people in Mladinski Center Zagorje ob Savi. As an organization team, our mean targets were make think people about human rights and speak on that what we can do for awareness. We choose this topic because all world is under discriminative policies and hate speech wars still continue, human rights are not reachable for every people. With our dissemination plans, human rights will be speaking in Sevnica, Ljubljana, Kamnik and Litija with almost 70 people. Maybe we won’t change all system but trying always worth a shot. With the snowball affect, people continue to get this awareness and live without discriminative actions, this is real conclusion.

We are all included as EVS people in Erasmus+ projects which are about to have intercultural experiences, mobilities, explore new cultures, met new perspectives and discover ourselves. The most powerful way to find yourself is to get to know and try to understand other people. With the method that we use in the workshop was basis on understand vulnerable groups of people. That workshop was not only step forward to ourselves but that was also step to the whole world.

Organizations from which participants came: Družinski inštitut Zaupanje (Sevnica), MC Kotlovnica (Kamnik), Zavod Nefiks (Ljubljana), Zavod KNOF (Sevnica), Osnovna šola Litija, MC Litija.

Öykü Kocaman




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