Why not EVS?

Are you looking for new experiences? Do you feel that you need a change? We have a good solution to this questions, the perfect option could be applying for an EVS. If you don’t know what it is, let’s go and check here.
The EVS gives you a lot of new opportunities. It can be the first step to go out of your comfort zone. Great experiences never happen in the comfort zone. We challenge you to try to live by yourself. Now to encourage you, we are going to show you just some examples of the uncountable experiences you could gain thanks to the Erasmus + program.
First of all and probably the most important part: the people you meet during the project. They can be part of the organization, partners, locals, travelers, volunteers… It’s excited to share knowledge, your thoughts and build something from the differences. Understanding the differences, especially the cultural ones, has a quality.
You also learn how to life in community in a new environment. The rest of the participants will be essential in the project. They provide you support, fun, ideas, laught… Everyday you become closer and closer. And suddenly a stranger becomes a member of your new family. You will collect amazing moments with them, like making a trip on a van and traveling for more than 700 km. Every day will be an adventure and you will discover new places.
You will observe your own development and how many skills will be improved or you get new ones. EVS participants became more proactive, with better social skills and concerns.
Don’t be afraid come to MC Zos for more information! Also you can follow us in the social media and know all the news. We are waiting for you!
Almu Marmolejo