19.10.2013 | Informator, Zabava

James Session

Hey everyone, did you hear?, James McCarthy from Ireland who is currently working as a volunteer in Youth center Zagorje […]

Preberi do konca - James Session
30.09.2013 | Blog, Informator

How ya feeling Seamus ?

Today is a great day for whatever strange reason. I woke up feeling sick and I was thinking to call […]

Preberi do konca - How ya feeling Seamus ?
12.09.2013 | Blog, Informator, Zabava, Znanja

Almost there James :)

So it’s four and a half months since I came to this beautiful country Slovenia. How do I feel? Great, […]

Preberi do konca - Almost there James :)
28.08.2013 | Informator, Zabava

Ragbi za vse

Dobra taktika, hitrost in fizična pripravljenost ter vztrajnost. To so značilnosti dobre ragbi ekipe. Če iščeš način za usmerjanje svoje […]

Preberi do konca - Ragbi za vse
01.08.2013 | Blog, Informator

Half way there

Now is a really special time for me because I am now half way through my EVS project and it […]

Preberi do konca - Half way there