03.06.2019 | Blog

The Next Stop

It is going to be the last day as EVS and I don´t like saying the last goodbye… From the […]

Preberi do konca - The Next Stop
22.05.2019 | Blog

Dnevi medgeneracijskega sožitja

Od 14. do 16.maja 2019 je na Gospodarskem razstavišču v Ljubljani potekal dogodek DNEVI MEDGENERACIJSKEGA SOŽITJA v organizaciji ZDUS Zveze […]

Preberi do konca - Dnevi medgeneracijskega sožitja
20.05.2019 | Blog

Step to Human

10 different countries, 10 different languages, 10 different cultures, hundreds of different personal value and 10 uniq perspective. We spend […]

Preberi do konca - Step to Human
25.04.2019 | Blog

My life in Slovenia

Last two months after February in Zagorje have been full of events and experiences. In february I had my mid-term […]

Preberi do konca - My life in Slovenia
25.04.2019 | Blog

Kakovostno mladinsko delo – kaj, zakaj, kako?

25 of March in the city of Ljubljana, chairman of KEKS and InterCity Youth (ICY) and youth worker Jonas Agdur […]

Preberi do konca - Kakovostno mladinsko delo – kaj, zakaj, kako?