Bolgarski večer

The only Bulgarian long term EVS is going soon from Zagorje. You know me or not, now you have the chance to know me and Bulgarian culture more than ever. On Tuesday, 27. 03. 2018, you are welcome to one of my last events in Mladinski center Zagorje ob Savi – “Bolgarski večer”. We will start at 18.00. I will prepare typical Bulgarian dishes and drinks. I already make playlist with the best Bulgarian music that will put you really deep in our culture. I am opened for all kind of questions. I will present you the most interesting places that you can visit when you decide to come on vacation in Bulgaria. My country in really amazing touristic place, we have a lot of beautiful nature – a lot of places for hiking, bars, like tourists say – “beautiful girls” a lot of Spa hotels, mountains, resorts on the seaside and wild beaches. In Bulgaria there are huge reserves of underground mineral springs. We have about 600 operating deposits of mineral water and 1600 springs, the temperature is between 10°C – 103°C with proven medicinal properties. I can talk a lot more.

I am living in Zagorje for 9 months and in that time I get to know a lot of people in Slovenia. The visitors of Bulgaria that I met from all over the world said that we are really open, hospitable, our food is popular everywhere like one of the most delicios. The country of roses, popular all over the world with our “kiselo mleko” and where one of 5 people is singer or musician – good reason to have one of the craziest and greatest parties in your life when you come. We have really strong traditions and that’s understandable because our country is founded in the distant year 681 – planty of time to create and keep the misterious deepness of our culture. You want to know more? I am like an ocean of informations about it. I wait you to share with you our history and uniqueness. I will keep you updated for more details.

See you soon!

Antoaneta Toncheva
EVS volunteer in Zagorje ob Savi