Travel your time

Like a second part of my previous blog I want to give you another challenge.  I am here in Slovenia around 7 months like a volunteer and I participate in different kind of projects. From the beginning I had an idea to have something personal, out of work. And now I will tell you my secret. I decided to make a list of all visited places from the beginning of my EVS to the end. With a start at 14. 06. 2017 to 15. 03. 2018. For now I have close to 50 towns, villages, tops and etc. in more than 7 countries. I am really happy that I take a decision to travel a lot because this makes me rich… in happiness. When you met new people and cultures, you see new views, architecture (that I love so so much), try different food, drinks, spa hotels and etc. This really makes me feel that I live in the way that I want to live. There are so many countries in this world and my dream is to see the as the much as I a can. Some time ago I called myself “the traveler”, I am not sure that now I fill this name 100%, but I hope in the future I will have more continents and horizons in my memories.  The reading is something nice but some things and places we just need to see to understand them. Here is my list, I hope in the comments you will also share which places you visited in the past 7 months. If you choose another period is also good. Feel free or just tell me what are the places that impress you the most on our mother planet.

So, here is the list: 

  1. Sveta gora,
  2. Koper,
  3. Zagorje ob Savi,
  4. Piran,
  5. Izola,
  6. Sečovlje (salt pans),
  7. Sava river,
  8. Ljubljana,
  9. Trbovlje,
  10. Nerezine (camping) Croatia,
  11. Velenje,
  12. Kotredež,
  13. Kum,
  14. Mrzlica,
  15. Vienna (Austria),
  16. Linz (Austria),
  17. Spillern (Austria),
  18. Boom (Belgium) – “Tomorrowland”,
  19. Čemšeniška planina,
  20. Bled jezero + Castle, “Dinopark”,
  21. Postonjska jama (cave + castle),
  22. Slap Sušjek,
  23. Trojane,
  24. Bernandin,
  25. Litija,
  26. Laško,
  27. Maribor,
  28. Bohjin jezero/Bohjinska bistrica,
  29. Slap Slavica,
  30. Hrastnik,
  31. Žalec,
  32. Celje,
  33. Partizanski vrh (Velika planina),
  34. Grad Žovnek (castle + jezero),
  35. Budapest (Hungary),
  36. Bratislava (Slovakia),
  37. London (United Kingdom),
  38. Krško,
  39. Grmada (hill),
  40. selo Dol,
  41. Hrastnik,
  42. Sofia (Bulgaria),
  43. Velingrad (Bulgaria),
  44. Bezbog vrh (Bulgaria),
  45. Dobrinište (Bulgaria),
  46. Verona (Italy),
  47. Venice (Italy),
  48. Mestre (Italy),
  49. Peričnik waterfall (Triglav National park).

Antoaneta Toncheva
EVS volunteer in Zagorje ob Savi