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Every morning, thousands of people wake up with a hope that increasinglylooks more blurred, more distant … Having a roof […]

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Follow your heart 8

What is volunteering? I think the goal of every volunteer is to bring goodness. Goodness and added value for a […]

Preberi do konca - Follow your heart 8
01.05.2020 | Informator

Skozi moje okno

Skozi moje okno oz. angleško Out My Window je pobuda in mednarodno sodelovanje med Limerick Youth Service iz Irske in […]

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28.04.2020 | Informator

Tedenski napovednik 27. 4. – 3. 5. 2020

Kahoot! kviz:  Teden ponavadi začnemo v torek s Kahoot! kvizom. Kahoot! je zabavna aplikacija oz. spletna stran, namenjena enostavnim kvizom […]

Preberi do konca - Tedenski napovednik 27. 4. – 3. 5. 2020
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Did you ever think about freedom? If I told you to define it in one word, what would it be? […]

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