Call for ESC Volunteers

Dear partners or possible partners.

We are here from assossiation Hnizdo, from Czech republic, Tisnov.

And we would like to present you our actual calls to ESC project

We offer 3 opportunities.

We are looking for new ESC volunteers in:

1) Montessori primary school ZaHRAda: We are looking for a volunteer to join our team in a class with children from 12-15 years old and voluteer to our English teacher. Our school has 5 volunteers at the same time (therefore we are still searching for volunteers) and now we need the two mentioned as soon as possible – optimal arrival at the end of January, no deadline, contact us directly or through YP.

Volunteers for community Montessori school ZaHRAda | European Youth Portal (…/1dihNTb1f6psdGEi4pgU…/view…

2) Montessori Forest Kindergarten Lednacek: volunteer for 12 months, no deadline, start of the project as soon as possible

Volunteer for Montessori Forest Kindergarten Ledňáček | European Youth Portal (…/1FJcOZNuh13LsrszLMz8…/view…

3) in the association spolek_hnizdo itself (looking for 1 volunteer who can help in running social media pages, dissemination and help organizing local activities)…/1vRYCZrITzq1DWHMIh1K…/view…

Volunteers can apply through the portal:


We prefer if the projects are for 1 year, but it’s possible to accept volunteers for a shorter period (minimum for longterm project are 2 months). Starting from January or February 2024

Applicants need to send a motivation letter and CV to an email which is in the info-pack.

This time we accept only EU volunteers because of not having enough time for Visa process.
Interested volunteers from non-EU countries can apply for the next projects in the beginning of February (please follow our Fb and instagram pages).

Looking forward to hearing from you!


For more info contact us here:

Nice winter time

Mgr. Viktorie Šťastná, Ph. D.

Hnízdo – spolek pro komunitní vzdělávání

Tišnov, ČR-CZ


Call for Volunteers :: Spolek Hnízdo (