Vabilo na mednarodno usposabljanje “Structured Magic” v Latviji

Hej! Iščemo 2 udeleženca_ki za udeležbo na usposabljanju Structured Magic, ki bo trajal 9 dni, enkrat med 14. in 26. avgustom. Točen datum sporočimo takoj ko nam ga organizatorji pošljejo. Predviden datum je 17. – 25. avgust.
Krajše informacije o usposabljanju najdeš spodaj, več detajlnih informacij pa dobimo kmalu. Informacije so v angleškem jeziku, saj bo tudi usposabljanje potekalo v angleškem jeziku.
Če te zanima udeležba, pošlji svoje motivacijsko pismo na


The Structured Magic project aims to provide youth workers with tools and methods to support their mental well-being and resilience, ways to stimulate their creativity and motivation, and ways to improve their self-awareness and self-regulation skills.

The project also aims to enhance youth workers’ professional and personal development, helping them recognize, adapt and overcome new challenges in their practice, and support them in building authentic connections with themselves, the young people they work with, and their colleagues.


  • Effective practices to raise participants’ self-awareness and self-regulation skills.
  • Increased abilities to recognize, adapt, and overcome new challenges and uncertainties.
  • Practical tools and methods for supporting youth workers and young peoples’ mental well-being and resilience.
  • Increased abilities to discuss and explore issues surrounding mental health with the young people.
  • Supported professional and personal development.


Dimitris Kounatiadis is a qualified trainer, performer, and educator from Greece. He has led numerous trainings and workshops and has worked with minorities and other groups of people from various backgrounds throughout the world. He has studied philosophy and pedagogy in his academic career. He has advanced knowledge of embodied coaching and music healing techniques.

Ramon Martensen was born in 1983 in the Netherlands. Throughout his professional career, his passion for creative writing, poetry, fairy tales, and storytelling has always been an active part of his life. One day he decided to combine his competence in leading groups and developing educational programs with his creative passion. Today he uses creative writing and archetypal stories such as fairytales and myths to raise self-awareness and empowerment in groups and individuals. He has done this as a trainer in several Erasmus+ training and local initiatives.


Youth workers, social workers, non-formal learning facilitators and trainers, coaches and teachers.

Participation will be free of charge in this course and travel and accommodation costs of the participants will be covered in line with the conditions of the programme Erasmus+.


Partners in this project are expected to send two participants who match the target group and support them in their preparation and organising follow-up activities in accordance to the profile and needs of these selected participants. We hope for your support in promoting this project and disseminating its results.

We will ask our participants to do a workshop or event in their countries after returning from the course in order to share some of their learnings and gains. We’d expect partners to support their participants in organising this event.