Turška kava, pa še, pa še, pa še …

Activate your senses. Smell the real Turkish coffee. It’s roots trace all the way back to 1555.

Did you know that 250 million Turks live all around the world? What if we live in harmony with many different people in the geography of Turkey cultures?

While we ski on one side of Turkey, can we take a sea-sand-sun holiday on the other side?

Each region of Turkey has its own cultures, dishes and traditions.

Knowing the language and culture of a nation that knows how to have fun, travel, be happy and maybe you can change the opinion about life!

Yes, such a world is possible! Another planet Turkey! Come on, grab the cup, feel like in Turkey for a day! On 5. 5. 2023, at 18.00 in MC ZOS!


Aleyna Demircan, ESC volunteer of VDC Zasavje and MC ZOS