Faces of Solidarity

The goal of this project was to reinvigorate my coworkers with a positive message. My coworkers and people working in similar fields don’t get the recognition they deserve. I mean, if they didn’t do the job they do, there would be no concerts, no workshops for young people, no youth centres and nobody to host events like the Pust and for people to organize activities for other everyday occasions. I decided to show my appreciation.

My target group was my coworkers. I sent them an email with 2 questions, the first being How do you find Solidarity in the workplace? and the second being How do you contribute to your workplace Solidarity? After they sent their answers, I scoured their social media for pictures and the pictures from events our youth center has hosted over the years. I then printed out their pictures and cut them into sections.

I then took their faces and made a collage, and then I printed out their answers to my questions. After cutting out the answers, I added them into the collage.

My main goal for this project was to help motivate my coworkers in these hard times. I think when you’re down in the trenches you can sometimes forget what you’re fighting for and I think having a clear vision for the future is very important in this sort of field.

In the office, Solidarity means to work together and to believe in the projects we work on. We support each other by assisting one another in our projects, or to make eachother coffee or tea to help us work easier. We believe in making a constructive work environment, where people feel comfortable and supported in the same way we want to contribute to the kind of society, where people’s ideas are valued and  where people feel comfortable sharing them.