Travel experiences

What is the first place you have in mind when you think about travel? What are you waiting for?

There are two kinds of trips for me. One, is when you take the suitcases and don’t look back and the other is when you take your suitcases trembling and your last looks are full of insecurity. What is the difference?

The first one is when you have a trip with your friends or family and you know that in one or two weeks you will be back at home again. The second one is when you go to anyplace but you don’t know when you will come back or you know you will be in that place for a long time. I would like to talk about the last one. Have you ever thought about going abroad for a “long” time? If the answer is “yes” and you haven’t done it yet, you must take the step. If the answer is not, you can think about that and check some info.

If you are afraid because it would be your first time away from home, don’t worry, it is normal, but I will tell you what are the experiences that you can live if you decide to do it! The adventure begins when you are sure that you are going to travel. Then you start thinking about your friends, your family… How am I going to tell them that? Well, It is easy: “I have an opportunity to go abroad, I was checking all things about this trip and I know I can do it. I will be out “X” months and I want to take advantage of it because it can help me to have personal growth, to improve or learn a new language, to prepare for my future, to meet other people and cultures and therefore be more open minded.” You see? They will understand that!

After that, you check flights, buses, trains… and you buy it!! You will be excited and nervous, you will feel stressed because you will have some things to do before you leave but at the same time you will feel something inside of you, something like an illusion. The two worst days for me are when you leave both cities, I mean, the first day when you have to go, It is hard to look at your family and friends and say goodbye and the second one is when you have to look to your new friends, your new city and say the same. It is really nice that this last thing happens, because it means that you had a good experience. Well, when the first day arrives, you take your bags, say goodbye and some hours later you are in your new place. You look around you while you go until your new home. Once there, you breathe, tell your people that everything is ok and you are ready for the next steps!!

It doesn’t matter if you go to study, work or as a volunteer. The next day you will know the city, the place where you will be working or studying and meeting new people. You might be a little sad or insecure, that’s why you are out of your comfort zone and maybe you are alone at that moment but you just have to wait.

A day will come where you will have to unpack your bags at once (just kidding) and where you will have a new life and will be really really good. You will have found some activities, people who take you out of the house and a lot of Independence. You are so involved in your world sometimes and you don’t think about your past life. Although it is not bad if you call your family or friends from time to time. At the end they will be waiting for you.

Between the two worst days you will have learned a lot of things about people and the culture. You will know a new language, how to be alone, take time for you or perhaps you discover who you want to be in life. You definitely won’t come back empty handed.

So… what happens when the last day arrives? You will see the time goes so fast and there you will be, with your suitcases again, giving hugs, looking at your people with a tear maybe and saying “see you soon”.

Wait wait, it didn’t finish yet because then you will arrive at your home and those people that were waiting for you will make you feel good and glad again.

All of this that you read is just my experience but there is one thing that happens to everyone: This kind of experience changes your life, changes yourself and you will always have that place in your mind. Even if 3-4 years pass, you will continue waiting for that hug from those who made you happy. I don’t think many things make you feel what you will feel if this day comes.

Come on guys!! What else do you need?



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