The first vision of Slovenia


My name is Tessa and I am a volunteer from Finland. My working project is in a local middle school Oš Toneta Okrogarja in Zagorje ob Savi in Slovenia. I also work for youth center in Zagorje ob Savi once in a week with other volunteers. I have already been here three months and I have experienced a lot in that time.

My work in the school is to organize lessons for students about Finland and teach in English lessons. I also help teachers with their lessons. I have kept zumba for students, visited other schools around Zagorje and told them about Finnish habits, Finnish culture and other facts Slovenias don’t know. School also organizes a lot of trips for students, where they also take me with them. For example in skikamp in Pohorje, ice-skating in Celje and in English weekend in Tolmin Kobard. For future I have thought teaching as my future career and I can’t have better experiences than this.

In youth center my work mostly depends on me what I would like to do or work on. Now I have organized a club for young students that I started to keep from the beginning of February. In summer I get to participate in youth exchance youth center in Zagorje organizes.

In addition of my work I have met a lot of other volunteers from trainings that belongs to EVS-projects and other events you can participate. Volunteers come from different countries and they also work in Slovenia. From them I have got a lot of new friends.

In Slovenia there is a great opportunity to go traveling. You can go to see beautiful sightseeing inside Slovenia and also there is chance to visit neighbour countries that aren’t far away.

On the whole Slovenia and EVS offers me great experiences and I can’t wait what other adventures will come in next 6 months.

Tessa Kuorelahti