Projekt prostovoljstva (EVS) na Finskem: Finska, jul-avg in avg-okt 2018

Vabilo na 2 EVS projekta!

Projekt prostovoljstva: Youth can do it! – PRIJAVE SO ZAKLJUČENE! 
1-mesečni skupinski projekt prostovoljstva, 12 oseb
2.7.-10.8.2018, Kokkola in Kalajoki, Finska
Project activities: During this project, the volunteers help to prepare for two events: preparation and implementation of the Kokkola Cup youth football tournament and Juku children’s sport camp.
Tasks: Helping with arranging the football tournament means that volunteers help with: maintenance of the football fields: cut grass, put up signs, help to organize accommodation spaces at local schools, help to organize the kiosk. At Juku-camp the volunteers help with setting up the camp, assists staff in catering, in first aid and in information center, helps the leaders to organize and lead sport activities and other programmes. After the camp the volunteers help to clean the area, pack stuff and other practical work.
Infopack:Youth can do it! (povezava)


Projekt prostovoljstva: Our common path – PRIJAVE odprte do 13. 7. 2018 s klikom na link.
1-mesečni skupinski projekt prostovoljstva, 20 oseb
20.8.-5.10.2018, Perho, Finska
During this project the volunteers work in cooperation with students to renovate a nature trail called Peuranpolku (Deer path). The work is physical work including cutting bushes, measure and cut timber, and construct the path using different tools.
During the project, volunteer can, for an example learn to:
– design outdoor trekking routes and areas together with experts in the field
– build and refurbish various types of outdoor routes and areas according to the plans given
– build hiking trails for the needs of different users
– use the most common tools used to produce route structures
– use personal protective equipment, take into account occupational safety and maintain work ability
– promote sustainable development practice
Infopack: Our common Path (povezava)