A blast from the past


It all started in March 2015. An EVS project called Spice up your life took place in Slovenia, Zagorje three years ago. The length of the project was one month and it included ten volunteers from six different countries. I was blessed to be one of the ten volunteers and now three years later I’m back in Zagorje again.
This time my EVS project will be a bit longer. I arrived on 15th of March and I’ll stay for nine months. When my finnish coordinator asked if I could participate in this long term EVS, I didn’t hestitate to say yes. Zagorje already feels like a second hometown and so far everything has been running smoothly. I’ve met many familiar people from Spice up your life -times and of course dozens of new cool people have stepped into my life. I’m curiously looking forward to this EVS experience.
During Spice up your life we built ten high beams and delivered them to different places in Zagorje ob Savi. The locals are still using the beams and I hope they’ll keep using them as much as possible in the future.
In May 2018 a second group EVS project called Skills and Art 2 Go will start and it is hosted by MC ZOS. The project lasts six weeks and I can honestly recommend beautiful Zagorje as a location for an EVS project.

Sauli Ketola