Exhibition Bloom by Marta


I was born the 10th of august of 1991, and since that day, painting became my passion, my way of expression and my way of escape; all of them at the same time.

I have never studied something related with art and neither have the intention of doing it, because for me each line or drop is a feeling, not a technique, and because of this I enjoy so much every second that I spend doing it.

What inspires me? life; and most  of my art is based in portraits that don´t show all the face, that hide half of it or that have the eyes closed:

 All of my characters have something to hide, a misterious side I will say.


Most of my painting are in Madrid because they were too big to bring them here.

But since I live in Zagorje I was able to paint new ones, the ones you will see in this exhibition. Between them there is a guitar, that was the first painting I did here.

Flowers, colours, drops, lines, strokes: welcome to the room of feelings.

Vabljeni na otvoritev razstave v petek, 02. 03. 2018, ob 18.00 skupaj z dogodkom Queen: The night v Mladinskem centru Zagorje.


Marta Plasencia

EVS volunteer in Zagorje ob Savi