Estonsko / ruski kulturni večer

When: 1. december 2017 at 19:00
Where: Punkt (Cesta Borisa Kidriča 2, Zagorje ob Savi)
What else do you know about Russian culture other that Babuški, squatting in 3 stripe tracksuits and vodka? And Estonia?… Where is it even anyways? And why should I care?

If you have gaps in your knowledge about this two cold, and seemingly totally unrelated places, or perhaps you want to learn something beyond the basic top 10 fun facts, then be our guest!

You will be fed, warm, and entertained- guaranteed. There will be boršch, herring, a way to take a shot of vodka that you have never heard about, a lot of music, quiz with a great prize, maybe dancing, games, more food, sweet and salty, healthy and very bad if you are on the diet, you will for sure learn something more or less useful, maybe useless, but absolutely great anyways.

It will be great and chill and there will be free food- need I say more? Everyone is warmly welcome to join!

Poka-Poka/ Tsauki! and see you soon!

Riina Meldre
EVS volunteer