What is happiness in London?

Last NEWS from LONDON!


After early start in the morning around 7 o’clock we take our flight at 11:30 and we came right on lunch time in this beautiful huge town. We needed 2 hours to go from the airport to the Museum of happiness. On the way we saw Big Ben, now not so visible in process of reparation. And here is the moment that we came in the museum. We was so on time and find it so fast :). Inside was the beautiful lady Vicky who wait us to show us around. The place is actually not so big and I can say I feel it really similar to MC ZOS. It is one big room for meditation and inside you can find only pillows on the floor. They have also office part and room for working with wood and machines for it. After short conversation we catch there is no target for this place. The smallest participant in their activities is 6 years old and the oldest is 84. The visitors are different – some of them come because they are really sad or others who come because they are so happy and feel so natural on this place. We start on the same way like in Mladinski center with coffee and tea. Sit on the pillows in the middle of the room (not on the balcony :) ) and be prepared for the event for Wednesday.

We make short interview with Vicky and after that the bell start to ring. After few minutes we will start with Ukulele lessons and the participants are on the way. We had time to show the video from Zagorje and all of the people really like it. We receive one big “Thank you!” for our work  :).

We are all together and ready to play ukuleles. We started with “3 little birds” of Bob Marley, try not so easy “Titanium”, “Somewhere over the rainbow” and so much more nice songs! In the beginning was hard but we did it so well. Music make us to forget about everything else, this is some kind of meditation and our first experience in event in the Museum of Happiness in London.


After the morning coffee we went again to the museum of Happiness. The first thing that we did there was drinking English tea and to prepare ourselves for the filming. Vicky who works in the museum explained us the history and the meaning of the museum. Actually, this is the only museum of Happiness in the world! The museum has a big suport from different volunteers. The main idea of museum is creating and sharing the positive emotions.

We talked how actually is not so important what is happening around us, our reaction on events is the only thing that matter. Vicky told us that she is vegetarian since she was 5 years old and that this is something positive for her. If we eat something that we had to kill, we take the negative energy and that could be the reason why we are not so happy. For more details and informations wait for our post till tomorrow. Have a nice day from London! ☺



Today we have met James (volunteer in the museum of happiness) and he gave us a really nice interview about his inspiration and motivation to change his life in general and be happy. We also met a lot of people who were volunteering for the first time in the museum. We started with meditation and later we had a performance on the street in Camden town. We were giving to people free hugs, high five, compliments and had yoga classes and party with them. Actually, on the crowded streets of London, we found a lot of participants and we had so much fun!

After the interviews we started to prepare the museum for Chocolate Experience event that we had in the evening that day. We are really tired and at the same time happy about our work in London. Stay in touch and wait for the video in the middle of December.

Antoaneta Toncheva
EVS volunteer in Zagorje ob Savi