F-day: Light my fire

Cold times are coming, electricity bills are starting to pile up and you just need some warmth and cozyness in your life? Don’t worry my friend, we got you covered!

Come chill with us next friday, 17. november 2017, at 18:00 in Mladinski center Zagorje ob Savi and make some odd looking candles!

By the way, did you know that you can make them in a cup and it will look super cute? Yeah, me neither.  Makes for a cute DIY gift on a budget for your grandma, or you can burn it when you go to sleep, and it will keep away all the evil spirits, 100%  guaranteed! Either way, you didn’t know that you need this in your life, but now you totally do.


There may or may not be cookies involved ;)

Feel free to bring your old cups, if you have some of those vintage looking ones, they work the best, other than that there will be some materials on the spot and don´t worry, be happy, hakuna matata! And just show up as is.

See you!