From Zagorje ob Savi to Tommorowland

The whole story started at 4 o’clock in the morning of 27th of July. It’s was still dark and I didn’t have a bag to put my things in… The solution: I found some old scarf from some previous volunteers and I put all of my luggage inside.

The way to the train station took me around 30 minutes and it was raining outside. I am sure I was looking very strange at that moment :D. Soon I was with my Bulgarian friends in Ljubljana. In the car it was very cramped and it was not possible to sleep. The beginning of our traveling was in Slovenia, after that Austria. Hard lesson in Germany – don’t search for gas there + don’t drink a lot of water because the toilets are very expensive :D We traveled more than 16 hours.

Around 23:00 we were at the place in Boom, Belgium. Than we found the parking spot and started to move our things to the camping zone. It was not an easy task, maybe after 3 hours we were ready with everything. There on Tommorowland everything is so far… It’s a dream town, without public transport. There are just some strange bicycles – one you must push with your butt to move, second is with different size of wheels – it’s fun to watch the people trying to ride them :D

All the people are smiling and they are so beautiful. More than 300.000 folks from 200 different countries, positive, without any worries and bad feelings.  If you need a free hug or free drink – you get them :) This town is organized in very different way from the regular world. Everything is creative and you see it for the first time in your live! 16 stages with different styles of electronic music. Huge flowers, dragons, reveille and LOVE. The main question was: “Where are you come from?”  Dream land for happiness and international union, without racism. Feel free to do everything that you want. Fireworks are in the same rhythm like the music, sequins, bubbles filled with smoke, fountains, inflatable balls, fire, people walking on a rope over the stage. It’s like a New year J

There you can meet everyone, it’s not important if you are gay, almost nude or too drunk. I already forget for all my worries. Armin Van Buuren played Bulgarian song when we were in front of the main stage – the best moment. That place is huge and it’s looks like circus. We met a Bulgarian group in the first two hours (it’s easy when you have a flag). That was the first people which I met from Bulgaria since I live in Slovenia.

I already had an experience to take a shower in front of few hundred people, because this is your only way if you don’t want to pay for it. The currency of Tommorowland are pearls and you can pay only with your bracelet that you use for the entrance of the festival. Also making a meat balls on the barbeque with sexy dress and make up. After you go out of the toilet you can go to the refreshing zone where are some people waiting for you to put some deodorant on you :D

And again everything nice finish too soon. It was like one hour, but it will stay in my head forever or until next year. :)

Antoaneta Toncheva

EVS volunteer in Zagorje