Hate OFF, art ON

Description of project

“Hate OFF, art ON” is a European funded project that is about bringing attention on pressing European issues to people in small communities. It’s about the search for effective methods of interaction with young people on complex problems. Interactive art can be a channel for people to speak their mind and have a larger impact on the community.


“See both sides” is the title for one of these interactive approaches that tries to encourage passersby to reflect on the topic of hate speech, stereotypes, cultural differences or tolerance. Every graphic material can be seen from at least two points of view, the rest is left up to the viewer to discover.

“Thaumatorp” – was an optical illusion toy in the 19th century. It still is today!

Flip book:

“never take sides in a conflict” – first side sentence (it has a meaning of its own)

“You know nothing about”- second side sentence that comes to complete the first one and gives new meaning to the whole text.

One word person: same person is wearing opposing attributes. Which one is he? Can he be both?