Open your mind!


Heyy!  I`m one of the new EVS volunteers in MC ZOS from Hungary, and Zagorje is the spot of my life for the next 9 months.

After sitting 3 years in the classrooms of my university and working 1 year in an office….I’m here in Slovenia, taking part in an EVS project…in a totally different world. And it doesn`t come from the great distance, the culture, the habits, the religion or the temperament of people. According to me the biggest difference is the other kind of learning and working. Forget the boring theorethical lessons, the books, the conning, the tests, the marks in the school! EVS is about non-formal learning.

Did you learn about project management? Here you can plan, execute and evaluate many own projects.

Did you learn how the foxes sensor the noises? People here encourage you to experience it yourself.

Did you attend some workshops in your life? Here you can learn how to organize them.

Did you learn a lot of English expressions and grammar in the school? Here you can test your knowledge.

Practicing, learning by doing, enjoyable learning, permanent knowledge, team work, fun…that`s the non-formal learning for me. And the work itself? Not like in the office…

My work schedule in the office:

– 08:00-10:00 waking up

– 10:00-12:00 waiting for the lunch

– 12:00-12:30 the best part of the day: lunch

– 12:30-14:30 digestion, sleeping mode

– 14:30-16:30 waiting for the end of worktime

Yes, I burned out very soon. But this EVS work is something else, something new. The time flies and somebody suddenly tells us: „Hey guys, it`s 3 o`clock, you can go home!”

I`m excited, suspenseful, curious and ready for this adventure. To quit my workplace and coming here was one of my best decisions in my life, and thanks for the trust to choosing me for this project.