EVS, an experience for life

photoWhen you go outside from your own comfort zone it can often be a little traumatic moment, but if you do it for something which you firmly believe you realize the obstacle is not so big as you think: when you undertake in new environments learning new languages and discovering new cultures, volunteering experience becomes a chance to grow up professionally in the labour market, moreover something really good for your person.

What does EVS really mean? European Voluntary Service is a professional experience for 17 to 30 years old people, who have the opportunity to live abroad up to 12 months, collaborating with cultural associations in non-profit activities, with covered board and lodging costs and a pocket money for your jobs. An experience to do once in your lifetime at least, to acquire more awareness and maturity.

And now let’s talk ’bout me. I have been accepted for an important EVS Erasmus+ project in Slovenia, in Zagorje ob Savi to be exact, a small town near Ljubljana: Gamble your Chance is licensed and hosted by Slovenian association MC ZOS. I have been sent by Italian association Vicolocorto.

Before Gamble your Chance EVS project

In Gamble your Chance I’ll work in several events organization as sports, exhibitions, youth and elderly informational and educational activities, logistics, workshop and group of interest staging. There will be much individual and team work based on motivation and non-formal education, talking and playing above all, fighting together against social barriers. I say so before leaving, but I’m sure a new world will open to me, I am ready for this new challenge!

I’m feeling extremely motivated and determined ’bout this project, as I have always firmly believed in conversation and human relationship. I’m ready to give my help to anyone requires it, to listen and to give friendly advices in a positive way, ’cause positivity always brings new positivity, we DO need to remember this!

I believe in this new expertise as a knowledge sharing, as a new way to grow up humanely and professionally, ’cause I’m certain it will be a chance to become a more open minded and more mindful guy, maturing psychologically exploring new ways of life and new cultures. My aim? Open my mind furtherly thinking outside my box.

Gamble your Chance will definitely change my life and I’m sure I’ll be a new person when I’ll back home, keen to share my refreshed knowledge and to tell my EVS experiences.

I’ll do and I’ll give the best of me, I am ready with all my energy and I can’t wait for anything else.

Alessandro Mariani – soon in MC ZOS ;)