12.09.2014 | Blog

What next?


Foto: Marija Brdjovic

What next? That’s the main question I’m having in my mind these last weeks. My time here is quickly reaching its end, and I have to think about what I’ll be doing after. I have many doors opened, but the main thing is that I don’t want to come back. I’ve been in my home country the last two years and I know that’s exactly what I don’t want. Therefore, I’m looking for chances to get a job here, or somewhere else. (So if you know something, please let me know).

These last weeks, as I knew it would happen, have gone by very quickly. Now, after 4 months, I feel almost at home. And specially after the mid-term evaluation week, where I met more volunteers and more people whom I have a lot in common with. And also because now, thanks to them, I can do weekend trips to almost everywhere in Slovenia. It’s so nice travelling and spending time with people you like.

In this month and a half I have left, I plan just one thing: to enjoy. Travel all that I can, and spend time with the people I’ve liked in this time; finishing my projects here in the organization, and trying to reach a further point in my personal project here, learning your language. Then, I’ll be prepared for what comes next, which I don’t really know what it’ll be. I’d like to stay here a bit longer, or go somewhere else; but if I have to go back to Spain, I’ll try to do it with the biggest luggage possible: with your memories and my experiences and all that I’ve learnt here.



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