“Two months already, when the time fly and you want to stop that.”

2Well, it was like more than one month ago that I wrote my first post in the blog. I can’t  believe that the time flies so fast.

In that month I’ve been enjoying Slovenia, I was in different part of this beautiful country, and I really love lake Bohinj for example. Such landscapes that you can look like a fool for many hours. Also, I met new people from local environment and created more confidence with them.

Regarding the project in MC ZOS, the event that I liked more it was my first Spanish lesson, the preparation of that and I’m happy that The participants could learn something.  I’m not teacher so I prefer that they look at me as a friend that help them with Spanish.  But also in this month I was helping in two festivals, I make spanish presentation,  I was with people from PUM Programme in Trbovlje at »Mlada Olimpijada 2014«, I like spend time with them and in that last weekend we were in children camp in Croatia J, new experience each one.

I can not believe that time flies very fast…

…and I want to do new things in the project, I want to learn with new activities, I want to travell in my free time, spend more time with some people,  and also I have to (no…  I want to) but I must to think that in October this is the end of my EVS and I have to start to make important decisions.

Time flies, but I’m going to enjoy it a lot!