oil recyclingDo you think EVS is only about mobility, learning by living, knowing better new cultures and leaving your comfort zone? It is so much more than this, also it is about helping to create better community and environment for people, not just becoming better person. Aim of EVS is changing yourself first, than changing the community.

As you all know EVS volunteers supposed to make personal project and my whole project about being eco-logic. So long, I learned how to live more eco-logic, lots about recycling and upcycling and how to make hydroponic.

However it wasn’t enough and I realised big problem about Slovenia. And when I got deep about this topic, I saw it is so much bigger than I thought. In Zasavje, people used deep fried foods to but what’s happening with the used oil after cooking? Mostly it is going into sink or toilet directly. It is biggest threat for our environment, your environment. Because, 1 litre of oil can damage 1 million litre of water. It can kill fishes and other creatures which are living in water and which keep the balance of nature. Additionally, oil also blocking waterpipes of your house.

Besides that, I found very shocking information about Slovenian water sources. I know how proud about water all Slovenians, I have met in 5 month, are but it won’t take so long that in 20 years Sava will be almost dry. As you realised too, there wasn’t so much rain this year and it won’t go any better for Slovenia. Already 9 percent of population can’t reach clean water in their home, they have to carry it. It means 180.000 people can’t reach clean water right now. I know this informations are quite unbelievable, but they are the facts.

So, I decide bear down this problem and my personal project became oil recycling campaign to minimise water pollution. Tomorrow (30.04) I have workshop and presentation in Kres Kisovec at 15.00. We will paint jars for collecting used oil and talk about water pollution cause by used oil. Additionally, we are preparing photo exhibition, please send your photos to create awareness for water pollution until 7th of May.

Consequently, I believe we can do something that matter, something beautiful for ourselves. Of course, I am not dreamer, we can’t change people’s habit in one day but this is first step. If you participate, we can make people realise water pollution exist in Slovenia too and they are damaging themselves every time when they dumped oil into the sink.

Please participate and help me.