227835_540973085916577_256395040_nMy name is Joanna and I am the new EVS volunteer in Mladinski center Zagorje, for the next 6 months. In this post, I would like to introduce myself and how I came to Zagorje.

I am a polish 22 year old girl came from the magical city that never sleeps – Cracow. Cracow is located in the southern part of Poland, near to Tatra mountains and Slovakian boarder. This is a second largest city in Poland with almost 1 million inhabitants (below this post you can watch a movie about my city and country :)

Something more about me?
I don’t like to talk about myself but I will try to give you some basics info. Firstly, I love to travel and getting to know new cultures. I travel a lot for my studies, and last year I had my Erasmus experience, while studying and living in France. I really like to experience all aspects of new places, like people, food etc. Also, I like sports, especially now I am looking forward for the first snow and the possibility to try slovenian slopes by skiing and snowboarding! :)

So… why did I choose Slovenia for my EVS?
I applied to dozens of projects all over Europe. While choosing a right project, I was more focused on the programme itself, not really about the place. However, it being in Slovenia was just a big plus. In Poland, Slovenia is not very popular, so most of the time my friends were asking me ‘where is it?’ and ‘why?’ did I choose this strange country. What I can already say them after one week in Zagorje, is that it was the best decision I could ever make! I am surrounded by the miraculous nature and people who are consistently treating me with kindness, hospitality and respect. The more I learned about Slovenia, the more I am motivated to explore this extremely beautiful country and to learn Slovenian as fast as possible. :)

And at the end… try this brief taste of Poland :)