On-arrival training

Vika-1056Since 20th to 24th of January, I was on my On-arrival training in Lesce-Bled. If you read forward, you will see what awaits you when you become an EVS volunteer…

This kind of activities are a part of every EVS project with at least 6 months and for that, I was five days in an intensive program of teambuilding, we identified our hopes and expectations, rights and responsabilities about EVS project, talked about cultural approach, touched themes as networking and project management – the last was a task, which took us beyond our imagination!

Our On-arrival training was led by three trainers, Alenka Oblak and Henk Persyn, but also with the support of Jerneja Modic.

We were 21 volunteers, from 13 differents countries: Portugal (3), Spain (5), France (1), German (2), Ukraine (2), Belarus (1), Turkey (1), Hungary (1), Finland (1), Lithuania (1), Latvia (1), Bulgaria (1) and Poland (1).

During the training we discussed some practical information about EVS and we learned about some European programmes for youngsters like the Youth in action programme, Life Long Learning and SALTO youth. In between, we had some energizers to create empaty and union among the participants.

The On-arrival training is a really good experience and opportunity to know something more about EVS and also to know other volunteers which are living the same experience as you. The intention was also to share some ideas, projects and thoughts with eachother.

At the end, I believe that our hopes and expectations were achieved and new friendships were made!
And this kind of friendship is very important, because you know that you have someone who is going through the same experience as you and you can share everything with these friends, they will understand you and help you. And they are also an important part in the intercultural relationships!

Ana Margarida,
the portuguese volunteer in MC ZOS ;)

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