Did you ever think about freedom? If I told you to define it in one word, what would it be?

Freedom has different meanings. Each person has a dream and I think that If you finally get that, You will be close to the freedom but… of total freedom?  Of course not.

For the prisoner freedom would be going outside of these cells and touch the grass or to breathe fresh air on a hill. For the slave, it would be thinking for himself, to do what they want to do, can choose. For some people, freedom could be being in another place and have a better life, where he/she doesn’t have to escape the war and see how their friends and family die. For women, it could be walking the street fearless or wear any clothes without receiving looks. For a homosexual, kiss his/her partner in front of everyone. For a teenager, maybe freedom would be going to live alone or just finish the high school and for all of us right now, it would be going outside with friends, to drink any beer, climbing, whatever and maybe you think you will be free when all this happen but when you are hugging to any friend you will have happiness not freedom. We often confuse freedom with happiness. You will have a free movement again but it is not the same. You will still be tied to a government and some rules.

Your freedom finished when another’s starts. I mean, we can get some freedom but not total. Maybe you want to listen to loud music but your neighbor wants to sleep. There will always be limitations, even if you think you are free you will have an invisible threads tied to your body. It is a fake freedom. 

We can understand that it is necessary to have some rules like “Don’t kill” but then there are other kinds of rules that you can control deciding your way of life.

The important thing is to live how you want, get your maximum freedom and keep it forever. There is a path where most people walk but it doesn’t mean it is the best. There are many other ways you can create and take the first step. It doesn’t matter what others think. You have to be proud of being different. To find that freedom. No one should steal it from us. Even if you think you will be alone on the road there are many people who took the step years ago and now, they are happy with their own life.

In my opinion, freedom is the thing we long for the most when we lose it; therefore you have to take care of it. You must try to catch it and never let it go. 

People asked me why it is so important to me, and you know what I said? “ Because freedom is the only thing that is “NON-NEGOTIABLE”.



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