Location: Girona, Spain (Catalunya).
Date: 7th (arrival day) to the 13th (departure day) of March.

Volunteer profile: Youth workers or educators. Over the age of 18. Able to work in english (language of the course) and interested in the theme of the training course.
The aim of the “Not a Step Back” training course is to upskill 24 youth workers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes in the areas of Human Rights Education, Education for Democratic Citizenship and counter-narrative of Hate speech to be able to implement projects and activities on these themes with the young people they work with.  REMEMBER: this is not an advanced course on HRE.

The objectives are:
● To develop a knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of
Human Rights (HR) and Education in Human Rights (HRE).
● Get an overview of human rights and human rights instruments in a
international and national / regional.
● Develop core competencies in HRE.
● Understand the current situation and challenges to human rights,
especially at national/regional and local levels, and how these are linked to
the practices of the participants.
● To be able to critically evaluate one’s own current practices within the
HRE framework.
● Introduce the participants to the approaches and activities of COMPASS
2012 and present further tools related to HRE.
● Allow participants to develop programs and activities (including
variations of COMPASS) in HRE.
● Raise awareness of the importance of HRE in creating a culture of human
rights in work with youth, formal education and community education
● Create sustainable and transferable HRE-based approaches within the
broader youth work, formal education and community education settings.
● To improve the use of HRE-based approaches in youth environments in
culture, leisure and sport.

For more information and training course infopack press: Not a Step Back_Infopack-compressed

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