Peace letter

From South Korea MC ZOS received an invitation to collaborate with an organisation called International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) in a project Peace Letter.

How it goes? Children write hand-writing letters for presidents of countries and with this action they support international law ‘DPCW’ (Declaration Peace and Cessation of War). The DPCW is a practical answer to achieve world peace. In particular, as you know, Slovenia have problem about State boundaries and refugees. Fortunately, the DPCW contains article about State boundaries and article about conflicts resolutions so that we can solve the border dispute. In addition, it contains article about prohibition of the threat or use of force to prevent significant conflicts. Furthermore, it contains article about the content of the dissemination of the culture of peace through peace education.Organisers believe that this DPCW will be the answer to the end of conflicts both domestic and foreign, which destroy the peace of state and the rights of citizens. This is the best way to leave peace as an inheritance for the future generations.Öykü Kocaman, volunteer of European Voluntary Service program at Mladinski center Zagorje, presented the idea of Peace Letter in several schools in the region of Zasavje and led children through the process of writing the letters. They were sent to the president of Slovenia, Mr Borut Pahor and organisation IPYG. Besides, IPYG organised a big celebration in South Korea, pictures and video you can find below.