My first impression of my new country




















I’m starting my fourth week in Slovenian and I remember the day that I decided come here. I wanted to do some different outside of my country, I wanted meet another cultures, people, maybe another language and improve my english. When I read about ESC, I thought that it was a great opportunity because UE gives me some options to travel Europe where I could choose participate in differents projects and countries with a lot of benefits . For that, I decided fill in the documents and choose a project. Some days later, I had a interview with my coordinators and now, Im here!

Two months early that my ESC started, I had an opportunity to go to my future town, Zagorje, where I could knew the new center, coworkers, volunteers, and my coordinator, of course. It was nice, because when I came in september I was more quiet. That day, was a little crazy and I arrived to the station at 2 am. It was raining, and I was very cold!! “Where am I? It is winter”, I Said, while Nina, my coordinator answered me “Oh, come on!” That commentary was fun for me and  I thought I would have to get used to a cold experience.

My first and second week here were good, I started to do some things in the new center, after the typical morning coffee , I explored the town, I started to practice martial arts, I could enjoy of games and activities in the daily center and I met to my flat mates! Two weeks ago, we participated in a food festival. It was so nice, because we could try typical food of Slovenian and to cook Krumpantoč!!

Last week, we had training in Laško. It was fun because we met people of many countries, (of our countries too), we did some activities, people gave us travel tips and we could enjoy of the pool!

Now, in my fourth week, I am preparing some activities and then, I will see!!

Miriam Sanchez