My life in Slovenia

Last two months after February in Zagorje have been full of events and experiences.

In february I had my mid-term evaluation where I met some new volunteers and friends. After mid-term I have participated in two EVS (European voluntary service) weekends where they invite volunteers around Slovenia and organize activities for us. Both of them were in Krško, which was already familiar town to me from youth exchange I participated last summer. Now we are organizing an EVS weekend with two other volunteers (Daniela and Öykü) in Zagorje, which will be in May.

I enjoy my work in the primary school. In school I have started to organize lessons for students. My future plan is to teach in the school, and organizing lessons will give me the experiences I need. In my opinion my teaching skills have improved, thanks to these experiences. I also work more with all English teachers in the school and from them I have learned many new ways to teach.

In the first week of March I went to skicamp with 6 graders in Pohorje. There I taught cross-country skiing to students and I got to try downhill skiing. I also got to spend more time with students and teachers, and now I feel like I have better connection with them.

In addition to my work I’m studying Slovene in school and now I can understand Slovenian better. I’m also studying English because I’m planning to go to university in Finland. My exams are in May and I hope that I will get in. So I also have to think what I’m going to do back in Finland after my volunteering.

I have been a little bit homesick sometimes but luckily my family has started to visit me in Slovenia. My sister came in the beginning of April and with her we visited Zagreb and Plitvice (national park) in Croatia. Also my brother and his girlfriend will visit me in May, and my parents in June.

I’m also continuing my hobbies here, such as zumba, running and hiking in beautiful mountains. The summer is coming and my life here is getting better and better.

Now I have three months left and I am returning to Finland. I try to take as much as I can from Slovenia and enjoy my life abroad as long as I can.

Tessa Kuorelahti