Kakovostno mladinsko delo – kaj, zakaj, kako?

25 of March in the city of Ljubljana, chairman of KEKS and InterCity Youth (ICY) and youth worker Jonas Agdur met in Slovenia for speak about improving youth work. The event was titled ‘Quality Youth Work‘   took place Slovenski Etnografski Muzej. An interesting part of this event was that  participants were not only youth workers, but also municipality workers. This variety was the opportunity for listen to different views,  create cooperations and networking.

Mr Agdur started his presentation with introducing himself. After that, we talked about quality, youth working and importance of participation. He also speak of about ways of enhance to participation and reasons why we need that. Presentation showed us that youth participation has positive contributions to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The most attractive part of the presentation was the comparation of actions for me. Mr Agdur explained which behaviors could be assimilative and which ones could be expend for the youngsters.

On the other hand, i need to say this, presentation was quite formal. My expectation was more interactive and non formal. I think thats because of the topic. If we speak about the youngsters, i am always expecting more voice! Also i would like to listen some experiencal memories, cause i am sure that he might live our concerns or hopes already J

Generally, essays finish with some ‘consequently’ sentences but one of the good message in the event was ‘dont focus on consequent, focus on process’. So, youth working never ends, youth worker never be ready, keep calm and continue!

Öykü Kocaman