Queen: The Night

Do you remember Abba night? After few months the karaoke in Zagorje are back again. Do you want to sing? Do you want to dance and have some nice food and drinks? 

I am sure that the answer is yes. So I have a surprise for you. On 02. 03. 2018, right after the opening of exhibition of the amazing Spanish artist Marta Plasencia, you are very welcome to stay on the new format or vol. 2 of Abba night. Now especially for you, QUEEN: THE NIGHT, for all of the fans of the music from 70’s and 80’s till now! Be ready to learn hidden secrets about the band and have some nice photos and memories. Here is no age limit, you are all welcome and off course especially for you, on friday night event is free entrance. Be ready for a lot of surprises and positive emotions because in MC ZOS we do it like that. Really soon we will put the program of the event and more details! If you plan to come write to as on info@mczos.si. Feel free to invite all of your friends. More people more fun. Toni Ton is really excited to see you again and have a nice time with you, this time also in the company of Marta.

Oglej si zabavni video  Marte in Toni.

See you soon! 


Antoaneta Toncheva
EVS volunteer in Zagorje ob Savi