18.10.2017 | Blog

Life, THANK YOU for this 50 things

50 things that I am thankful I have in my life till this moment:

  1. My amazing, kind and nice parents – Атанаска and Валентин.
  2. My beautiful home.
  3. My childhood.
  4. My first love.
  5. I had a chance to have a dog.
  6. My working experience in Television
  7. Bulgarian mountains, rivers, sea side, lakes, villages – at home are the best!
  8. My travel to Transylvania.
  9. How much my grandparents loved me.
  10. That I still have friends from kindergarten and 1st class of school.
  11. That I am positive and good.
  12. I am brave.
  13. I don’t care.
  14. Running, yoga.
  15. Drum and bass, hip hop music.
  16. When I went to school I finally understand my father who is a teacher.
  17. That I can forgive to the people.
  18. That I am honest.
  19. Tomorrowland – one of the biggest music festivals in the world.
  20. Amsterdam.
  21. Love.
  22. To live in the nature.
  23. To share.
  24. For me are not so important the material staff and money.
  25. That now I speak and understand English.
  26. I can cook really good.
  27. Raspberry wine and Baileys.
  28. I love to dance.
  29. I like to sing no matter it is good or not.
  30. I am patient.
  31. Bachelor degree.
  32. Master degree.
  33. Professor Jani Milchakov.
  34. Primary school.
  35. High School.
  36. Teachers – Margarita Ilcheva, Plamen Dilkov.
  37. My lips, body and eyes.
  38. My biggest love and my love now.
  39. My neighborhood.
  40. My so nice friends from all times and places – amazing beautiful people that I will go to meet in December!
  41. Spa hotels.
  42. Cinema academy.
  43. My traveling to Greece, island Samotraki.
  44. My traveling to Denmark, Sweden.
  45. Project in Sacar mountain for researching of the megalit monuments.
  46. My traveling to Greece, Aretes.
  47. Snowboarding.
  48. My smile!
  49. Going to Erasmus in Zagorje ob Savi, Slovenia.
  50. To live in totally new place with new people and working place.

I will be really happy if you have a time to make your list and share the information with us like a comment! For me this is really interesting experiment because when we write the things  we can see more clear what stay in our mind after all of the years till this moment. To think what we do and if this is useful and it will will stay in the future. What we like about us? All of the positive and nice things, put them in!

Antoaneta Toncheva

EVS volunteer in Zagorje