You can really feel that it has started. High temperatures, short pants, streets full of people and tourists all arround.

Yes, I am talking about summer.

For me it is the best season of the year, and hot always has a remedy: swimming pools, cedevita, short sleaves, ice-creams…

This year my summer has a new background: Zagorje, Slovenia. For spanish people it sounds like a cold country, with lower temperatures than we normaly have, but believe me, you will change your opinion the first day you will spend here.

Zagorje is something new, really different than the big city where I come from. Here people don’t live in a hurry, and everybody has the place for his own garden instead of living in a 30 floor flat. It is also really nice to know that there will always be a free table for you in any bar or gostilna, and I have also discovered that there is so many mountains all arround, that I have enought of them to visit different one each day.

I have to say that it is strange for me to be surrounded by nature instead of by bricks.

I have to say that living in Zagorje is like a new song for me.

I guess that Zagorje and Madrid are like Marilyn Manson and Justin Bieber: a complete differently melody.


Marta Plasencia 

EVS volunteer in Zagorje