How to change your life

Hello good and happy people. Today I want to tell you about my decision to change my live in general. I am Tony from Bulgaria. I am 25 years old and I want to do amazing things.


My life before I came to Slovenia was like usual, normal, sometimes hard and boring. Big part of my past was my headache (every day, minimal one hour after work). You know how this world works today, you are in the big corporate machine and there is no escape. You must work for someone’s dreams, but who work yours?

My mission at this point of my life is to find the other way. To go out of the box. It would be so sad if the life could give us only one way. We can choose. That’s why I decide to take that I want with my heart and soul. To do something (working) every day is very important because you keep yourself on the level, you are active, useful for yourself and for others, but our mission here is not only this. In my past after hard working day, I don’t have energy for anything else. I lost my sense for continue in the same way. I really don’t like the life under control of the corporate world. This is not enough for my existing. That’s why I decide to come in Slovenia like a volunteer and to totally change my life.

Now for me is important to improve myself in adaptation, to learn new things and to have different experiences. I think this is good investment for my future. It is good to know how to live with people from different country. Everything new in this life will change my thinking and point of view. I can be new Tony every day. I will try to understand new things about me like a person, to be better with the people. In the same time to love whole world and everyone who are here. This is our home and we are all neighbours.

If you are like me and want to do something good and positive with your life I am sure you can do it! Concentrate all of your energy to your dream and make it the most important purpose in your life. We can make our thinking, our way of living and if it is good our existing on this planet it will be the same.

Antoaneta Toncheva, EVS volunteer