Jam Session

The Jam Session night is one of my favourite nights of the month. It happens in MC ZOS. All the people are invited to come to this event and everyone can play any instrument or sing or just feel the music. I really like this night because I love music and how the music unites everyone. For me is like a magical night, where everyone is connected to each other through the music. Nuria and I were preparing some things during the week for the Jam session. For example, we made some candles to decorate the room and for every candle we needed 2 hours to make it, but it was worth it. The light from the candles always create a good environment.

mujerconguitarraWhen is good weather we usually do it outside the center but the last time was very cold so we had to do it inside. There are some differences between both of them, inside is more acoustic than outside. I think that I prefer inside just because of the cold. I’m still not used of Slovenian cold.

For the next time I want to prepare some songs to play them because I would like to play the guitar there. The biggest problem is also that I don’t know any Slovenian songs and I’m a little bit shy but I would like to change this and the next time I will do it. The people here don’t matter how you play, if good or bad, you just have to do it and enjoy it. I am sure that when I will come back to Spain, one of the things that I will miss the most is the Jam Session.

Laura López de Egea, EVS volunteer