My name is Umay, I’m 24 years old, I’m from Turkey and I’m the latest volunteer in Mladinski center of Zagorje ob Savi.

In the past I was working voluntarily in small projects but I felt like I have to do something bigger for myself and for the community. Also I am really into getting to know new cultures and meeting new people. EVS project was an opportunity for actualize my dream. Then I searched for the project, which I love until meet with the MCZOS. I wasn’t looking for any certain country so I believe, project and me was a great match. It was easy to convince the MCZOS team, because I was highly motivated and appropriate for the project.

As I said I didn’t search for country just the project but then I found out I am really lucky person because I found a great project in a great country. Slovenia is something totally new for me. I made my research about Slovenia but it is impossible to find useful information on the internet. There are some cultural similarities with Turkey, such as food and some words: čufti, burek or miza – I wasn’t expected this before I came. Of course daily life has no connection with my country. For example, in Turkey small disagreements can create lot of loud, but Slovenians are solving small problem quietly and calmly. It has been almost a month since I came but I haven’t heard any horn on the road or any yelling voice on the street. Although I love Turkey’s great and beautiful mess, I start to enjoy and get used to this calmness.

If you are reading this and would like to know more about my time and experience here, or even if you want to know more about EVS or Turkey, you can send an email to umay@zosko.si or add me on Facebook. Also you are always welcome to upcoming events!