21.02.2013 | Informator, Zabava

ZOScajt: Okvir časa (2. del)

If you look at the pictures below, you can see the before and the after… We started remodelating that wall […]

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14.02.2013 | Informator, Zabava

ZOScajt: Delimo ljubezen!

Love is a journey, not a destination… And whatever the journey, the road is always easier to do when we’re […]

Preberi do konca - ZOScajt: Delimo ljubezen!
07.02.2013 | Informator, Zabava, Znanja

ZOScajt: Okvir časa

Lately, the MC ZOS is gaining a whole new visual appearance! Our goal is that the center looks better, more […]

Preberi do konca - ZOScajt: Okvir časa