“Spooky” english weekend in Gorenje

On 27. of october i had a chance to spend a weekend in Gorenje Pri Zrečah with the students of 7-8-9 grades and teachers from Tone Okrogar, for the traditionnal “English weekend”. The weekend aimed on using only English. On the program there was full of different activities spooky season themed.

On the first day we were discovering the hotel and its surroundings  throu a scavenger hunt. The students had to be creative by making fun videos about the legends and myths, and try to find the hidden clues.

In the evening we had a horror movie night. We watched a film named The Moth Man, and to be honest was more funny than scary but it was still cool to watch!

On saturday we went for a hike in the forest. The weather was not on our side that day since the walk ended in a hailstorm! So we spent the rest of the morning inside preparing some scary snacks. On the menu banana ghost, Zombies smile, Ghostmallows, Spooky scary fingers, Cookies bat, Spooky salty spiders, and Marplesi Crackers

In the afternoon we had the opportunity to do sports since we had a large gymnasium available. Lately the sun showed, so we had enough time to do an autumn photography workshop!


And on the last day I even had some time to teach them a little bit of french. It was not as easy as I hoped, but they are now able to introduce themselves and know plenty of new words!