Ure turške kulture

¨One of the benefits of being be-cultural is simply the awareness that how you live is not the only way¨

    – Ann Campanella

I am sure that you already know something about Turkish culture (thanks series) and you are already on the way for see that your life is not the only way. What about walk on this way and discover with me ?

I am Oyku, from Turkey. I have been here already for 2 months and almost every people who i met knows something about turkish people or some turkish words! I am really sure that you are interest to know more things about us. But how?

We will speak about culture, tradition; we will watch some parts from turkish series and we will talk about  music culture, food, climate, clothing, visitable places, body language, dances, values, arts and celebrations.

¨Are you ready to see REAL turkish life?¨

Ure turške kulture, each Monday at 19:00 in MC ZOS. We start in April!

Öykü Kocaman