Why not?!

Would you like to try something new? Abroad? What about EVS, European Volontary Service? Before four months, my interest caught invitation from Youth centre, Mladinski center in Zagorje ob Savi.

Walking in Zagorje

From 4. september 2018 until this day, 7. january 2019, it has been only few period of time, but it has been also a long time for more chances to get to know new friends and for many and many new experiences.

I got to know many friends, most amount from my new home in Zagorje, many EVS volunteers and people from different corners of Europe and I really appreciate it all.

Before years, it was a badge for me to be friend with someone who is not speaking in the same native language. Now I could say to you, language could be the oportunity how to get know to each other better. Not barrier. Even if translating is not the best and sometimes it is quite funny. Especially, translating from slovenian to slovakian language and the opposite.

Some differences could be in our cultures, but for me, right this is interesting and on the other hand, actually, I take you as my friends who are similar to my friends in my home country.

During this time it has been also many moments, when you say to yourself: why not?! And after that you are really glad, that you did it.

So, for example, I was listening metal a bit, it was before a years, but it was the first time here, when I was at metal concert, and it was also our good time. I met a local basguitarist who gave me another view on following own dreams, even he doesn´t know about it.  ☺

With MC ZOS team, we made a 120 winter postcards for friends of this Youth Center (imagine that time, from choosing the idea, making postcards, until to send it by post = around one week). It was quite a lot and at the end it was little bit stressful but: still in joy, especially, final common moment, sparkling firework at our balcony.

I wanted to know much more about taking photos and now, the taking photos on our events is the part of my project, which is awesome!

I enjoyed this time, when I am always glad to try something new again. When it is in Fine Art, even much more better. So, for example, I was thinking more times how could I try to make a real graffitti… When it was painting workshop in our Youth Center, it was possible to paint whatever on our two walls. So, the best opportunity to try it in legal way . Or, in student club, ŠKLAB, they were missing their special paintings of South Park theme on their walls, so I cought this opportunity with a big joy. When I tried it at home before years, my mom wasn’t very glad.  ☺

Once per week, I am in Primary and Secondary school. It is always a treasure to see their happy faces. We had a nice music and art lessons with their teachers and now, I am looking forward for Komix-project of teacher Špela.

During this time I has travelled over this wonderful country. I visited Ljubljana, of course, not only once, and not for the last time; famous Bled; Piran – ooo, what a nice place; interestig Hrastovlje; medieval Škofja Loka, Škocjan Cave and other little trips. It is also good get to know much more these hills – the last time, it was Gamberk castle and Medijski castle and I am enjoying for slovenian mountains when the weather allows me to go there.

I like so much travelling and getting know better new friends and their countries, but I wasn´t sure to travel alone. And to travel alone in foreign country – someone could say, it is crazy. I say: if you are thinking of it, just try it and you will like it. Travel with family or friends could be so good, but travel alone could be good as well, even if different. Actually, I met with more people, included EVS friends who like it as well.

Sometimes it was also good time to stop for a while and feel this moment in peace and joy. I am from city, where are many stronger city lights, but here, you can just stay, sit or lye on the ground (what do you prefer ☺ ) and watching the stars. For me and my friends it was one of the best of momments of the summers.

It has happend a lot of things in the last four months but still, I see much more and more things which I would like to get know better and which I would like to try. And how many people and new friends I would like to get know better.

Sometimes I am missing my homecountry, but I think that after my EVS I will miss my new slovenian home… But Slovenia and Slovakia, hmmm, Zagorje ob Savi and Bratislava are not so far from each other. ☺

Daniela Brunclíková