Ocean or Marine Pollution

My first ever blog:
My story is about Marine or Ocean pollution. Our world is covered 71% with water, mostly by oceans. Our world has 5 oceans ( Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern and Artic). These oceans are among the earth’s most valuable natural resource which they create the weather, clean the air, helping to feed the world and provide a living space for millions of animals and plants. And with out our oceans and continuing polluting it, the damage to the ecosystem would be disastrous that would take many Years to recover to its natural level. And the progress of ocean pollution is getting worse because of more plastic being dumped in the ocean, globalization, industrial expensions, searching for more natural resources like oil, more plastic consumption etc.
We are litteraly drowning our marine ecosystem with trash, noise, oil, carbon emissions and hunting.

Trash in the Ocean
Right now there is 1.15 to 2.41 million metric tonnes of plastic dumped in the ocean now. Ever heared about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch ?. Thats the largest accumulator of ocean plastic dump staked together the size of it is 3x bigger than France or 2x bigger than Texas, it is located between Hawaii and California. And there are 4 more of Great Pacific Grabage Patch. So the reason why plastic waste is in oceans, is because the 80% of plastic and other waste is from land-based sources including those far inland. Via storm drains, sewers, people are dumping garbage to the ocean is because its free, etc. The beauty of Beach ecosystem is no longer beautiful, because of plastic. This massively impacts the marine life, by eating the plastic thinking its food source »Fish, mammals and seabirds are in threat because of plastic most dangerous is microplastic which their source of breathing is water. By the year 2050 there will be more plastics than fish COMBINED in the ocean

Ocean Noise
The Sound waves travel farther and faster in the sea’s dark depths than in the air. Many marine mammals like whales and dolphins including some fishes and other sea creatures, are communicating by sound to find food, to mate, navigating and communacating. Its called echolocation. The noice comes from commercial tankers, container ships, war ships, cruisers etc. The noise is altering the underwater acoustic landscape that is harming and even killing the marine spiecies worldwide. The mass whale and dolphin strandings has finaly answered by scientists saying the cause of these poor mammal strandings is because of High-intensity sonar used by United States Navy for testing and training. And alot of ships are using Reflection seismology (Seismic testing) which in other therms are exploring the Earth’s subsurface. This is also linked to strandings.

Oil= Offshore Drilling
This is the far worse case of polluting the oceans. Oil and Gas resources are most valuable natural resources for the World industry. The oil and gas industry’s routine operations emit toxic products such as Benzene, Sulfur Dioxide SO2 and Nitrogen Oxides NOx, Petrolium Coke, Formaldehyde. It can release high levels of greenhouse gases, and lead to thousands of spills in U.S waters. The worst spill in US history was in Gulf of Mexico on 20th April 2010 ‘The Deepwater Horizon’ spilling 560-585 Tons of crude oil or 4,9 million barrels to the ocean and impacted more than 8332 species including more than 1270 fish, 604 polychaetes, 218 birds, 1456 mollusks, 1503 crustaceans, 4 sea turles and 29 marine mammals. The worst in history was In Kuwait, Iraq and the Persian Gulf during the US invasion on Middle East (Gulf War), their fault. The oil spill can last for long time and the impacts are severe to Marine and Beach ecosystem. Alot of marine animals die because of oil spill.

The marine ecosystem is also hurt because of every daily hunting for humans of daily meat consumption. Alot of countries has illegal activity on the ocean including breaking fishing laws, poaching, ingoring marine protected areas and polluting. Such actions are contaminating or even destroying the delicate marine habitats including coral reefs or sea turtle nesting beaches. This is severly reducing the fish population and upsetting the entire marine food chain. Alot of marine animals and species die when accidentally caught in fishing gear. Many of these fascinating animals are sadly already the victims of illegal harvest and trade. Japan is a country who are the only ones who are NOT polluting marine ecosystem (dumping plastics, oil drills and oil spills) but are hunting whales and dolphins becaus of their oil and meat consumption they are doing that since 12th century. Its also happening in Faroe island. The World Wildlife Fund is working with TRAFFIC to combat illegal trade of marine wildlife and raise awareness among law enforcement officials and comsumers. There are also other organizations like Animal Matter, etc protecting animals at 100%, by petitioning, which are success.

So what can you do to reduce marine pollution?
So if you want to prevent marine pollution is start ACTING NOW. It is vital for the well-being of the sea and that WE support marine life and land life. If you want cleaner oceanss, beaches for swiming and recreation. There is planty you can do and i mean planty. You can do it on your own or in a group. So here are the *What to do list*:
First: organize a beach clean up to clean the garbage from the beaches. Do it in a big group because theres ALOT of garbage.
Second: ALWAYS reduce your rubbish AND RECYCLE the plastic, paper, glass and packaging.
Third: Never throw plastic or other garbage on the floor, grass, ocean, etc
Fourth: Become an Activist, Animals matter you know!
Fifth: Reduce daily meat consumption (if people all across the globe no matter how meat eater you are, the industry of producing meat will collapse and the animal population will start to rise)
Sixth: Join the group of Animal rescues or Red Cross when disaster strucked in your area or near-by.
Seventh: Protest against Oil companies, no funny about that most of oil companies are owning the oil sea field and when accident happensn the oil company will NOT pay the damages!
Eight: Sign petitions about animals being endangered, etc. IT HELPS
Ninth: Be against fishing, join the group who are trying to rescue the marine animals from hunting, trading, harvesting
Tenth: Join World Wildlife Fund it is payable, with that they are funding to stop the hunting, pollution etc
Eleventh: Search trough internet, study biology or other if you are interested in animals or trying to save them.

My opinion
Our world is slowly dying because of us. Every time no matter where (on the news, social medias, newspapers, commericals, TV channels like National Geographic or Animal Planet) seeing that what are we doing to animals and nature makes me sad and very angry. If we dont act NOW, we wont survive either. Alot of people are now standing up to help Nature because nature means everything to us. Our children and our grandchildren wont see the majestic animals and nature in near future because they will be gone soon and i know you dont want that. 300 years ago people burned garbage but today we are dumping it to the ocean and filling field that turns in to garbage wasteland inpacting nature, animals and us near it. We are searching for more oil that can inpact marine ecosystem, there are more ships than plain in the air and its impacting our oceans with noise, etc. For me nature and animals means alot to me. Sometimes i feel ashamed to be a human because what were doing to ourselfs and to Nature. So please start carring for animals and nature, start reading blogs of natures and animals, start recycling, so on and so on. These informations you can find on the internet. As our world is getting worse, alot of us is trying to make it better. We are cutting trees and destroying nature but alot of us are planting trees and preserving our nature. We are hunting and killing animals but alot of us are trying to stop the hunting and trying to save the animals. Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. I hope we are not to late because this is our only home.

Matic Kučevič

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