Photo exhibition: Landscapes and people

Welcome to visit my first photo exhibition: Landscapes and people, from 25th October until 15th December 2018.

Hi, I am Sauli Daniel Ketola, an enthusiastic photographer from Finland. I have been exploring the world trough camera for four years and it is something I will be doing for the rest of my life. I enjoy wandering in the nature and looking for a perfect view and light to catch a photo of it. I also like to take photos of people. I have learned photography mostly by myself but I have also studied it a little while preparing to get a professional photographer’s degree in Finland. I didn’t finish the degree yet, because at first I wanted to do a 9 months long EVS with a wish to improve my photographic skills during volunteering. This is the reason I am here in Zagorje.

Here are some of the best shots I have taken during my stay in Slovenia. When I was taking all these photos I didn’t have an exhibition in my mind, and I have wondering how it is when the colours come alive on a paper.

So let us see how I have caught the perfection. I invite you too see Slovenian landscapes and people of Slovenia. Explore pieces of 2018 on the paper in big format and in the place of MC ZOS where I created the last 9 months of this year.

PHOTO: This self portrait (on the left) was a lucky shot. I was just playing around with the camera and the timer was on. My intention was not to take a photo of myself but it turned out to be a nice portrait! So yeah, coincidence can also play a huge role in photography.

Sauli Ketola, EVS volunteer of MC ZOS