Perfect way to have a time-out

Need time to think about your next step in life? Fed up with nine to five rat race? Interested in trying out something totally new in a different country and culture? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then European Voluntary Service / Volunteering projects (European Solidarity Corps) might be a great opportunity for you!

I can tell from my own experience that volunteering abroad for a longer time really gives fresh ideas and aspects to your life. Stepping out of your comfort zone for a while does miracles. Now I have a more clear vision of what I want to do in the near future after I go back to Finland.

I’ve been in Zagorje for seven months and it’s been great with all the ups and downs. I’ve spent most of the time in Zagorje but I’ve also travelled around Slovenia and met other EVS volunteers from all around Europe. My favourite places in Slovenia are Pohorje, Bohinj Lake and all the small hills and forests around Zagorje. I’ve been hiking alot during my EVS and it’s my favourite free time activity here. I also wanted to go to Triglav but I think I have to come back to Slovenia again later to do a trip there. The weather is getting too cold to climb a mountain, but now I have a good reason to visit Slovenia later in the future.


Sava river

There’s still two months time to enjoy my EVS, but I’m also really happy to go back to Finland in December. I really miss my friends alot and sauna too. And before I leave, I’ll definitely check out some saunas here in Slovenia and see if they’re similar to the ones we have in Finland!

Sauli Ketola