Our EVS adventure

Zagorje citizens are used to meeting us. We took over the city. One can hear English or one of our national languages almost all the time. Who are we?

There are 11 of us from 5 countries: 3 from Spain, 2 from Finland, 2 from Bulgaria, 2 from Poland, 2 from Slovakia. We have different backgrounds, come from different cultural groups, use different languages. What brought us together is the EVS project Skills&Art2Go, which takes place from 13th May till 28th June in Zagorje ob Savi.

European Voluntary Service is a volunteer program funded by the European Commission for people aged between 18 and 30 years. From the variety of projects you can choose the best according to your interests and hobbies which lasts from 2 weeks to 12 months. Depending on what the project is about, volunteers have different duties. Travel costs and pocket money are covered by the ERASMUS+, accommodation and meals are provided by the host organization. For volunteers this means that the project is free of charge.

During Skills&Art2Go project we learn about the physical theatre, festival production, street youth work and activities with primary school pupils. Our hosting organization, MC Zagorje ob Savi, is the main body of the project. It cooperates with the festival Rdeči Revirji and the primary school Tone Okrogar.

What were the reasons for applying? For Nina, Slovakia, the most important part is the theatre. She wants to get to know how to prepare a play and how it is to be an actress. She was looking for such an activity for a long time. For Almu, Spain, the project is held in the best period of year, because for her as a student it would be impossible to travel during the academic year. Her friend, who was also looking for the short-term EVS, sent her a description and Almu decided to apply. For Marina, Spain, the project is a great opportunity to try something totally different that she did before. She is keen on working with children aged 11-15. For Otso, Finland, the southern Europe was his dream destination. The Balkans was on his bucket list since he heard about its beautiful nature.

There are plenty of possible reasons which may make you decide to go for the adventure, which EVS definitely is.If you want to find out more about the projects all over Europe, go to https://europa.eu/youth/EU/voluntary-activities/european-voluntary-service_en

We proudly recommend!

Skills&Art2Go volunteers – Almu, Marina, Sara, Otso, Joona, Georgi, Eli, Agnieszka, Hania, Nina, Richard