Travelling around Slovenia

People think that for travelling you have to go somewhere far away, but you don’t have to. I think that we have a lot of beautiful and interesting things near us that we have never seen before, even in our own town. When I just arrived to Slovenia, I proposed to myself to visit all the countries around here. But first of all I want to visit as many corners as possible here. But one of the problems to travel is the weather. A lot of times I had to cancel the trip because of the rain, snow, cold, ice… But it’s difficult to stop me so usually I go anyway.


Once Nuria and I decided to go to Piran, the seaside, with our friends and the weather forecast said that this day it will rain, but we went anyway. As we expected, it was raining all the day, and you could see us in almost all the photos with an umbrella. But we had a lot of fun because the place was so nice and we were a big group and I think that the most important was the company.

And I think that travel without difficulties can be so boring. During my travels I’ve got lost, I’ve missed the last train to come back, I’ve met weird people… but it’s so funny when I remember this stories. And I’ve gained a lot of good experiences. I’ve met nice people, even the people who is sitting next to me on the bus, they like to tell me stories from their lifes. I’ve discovered new places, like beaches without sand. And I’ve learnt about different cultural habits, for example to take off my shoes in every house I enter.
So don’t let anything stop you to travel.

Laura López de Egea

EVS volunteer in Zagorje